Best Gaming Laptop Specs

A laptop must beautify the way you spend your free time and to make your life easier, this is why you should pay attention to the best gaming laptop specs.

Before you buy a laptop you should know something about the best gaming laptop specs.

Some people do not agree with the idea of using a laptop for gaming, because they believe that their performance is of low quality. 

This is a wrong idea because the same principle applies to desktop computers, namely, the most important are the specifications of the platform and not the platform. 

In order not to make the mistake of buying a weak laptop, we decided to help you by giving you as much information as possible about choosing a good gaming laptop, as well as a list of 10 recommended laptops in 2020. 

Best Gaming laptops at a glance

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Here are the best gaming laptop specs

Video Card (GPU)

One of the most important elements for a high-performance gaming laptop is that it must have a dedicated video card. 

Anyone who says you can easily play certain games on an integrated video card is just lying. 

A gaming laptop is a very important investment and that is why you must be sure that you will not regret at some point the fact that you did not opt ​​for a dedicated video card. 

The video card is recommended to be Nvidia GeForce 10 series (such as 1060)

best gaming laptop specs: Processor (CPU)

Because the processor performs all tasks not related to the video card, this is a very important element for a gaming laptop. 

To give you an idea, the processor of a good gaming laptop should be Intel, preferably from the 7th or 9th generation, the Kaby Lake series.

One thing to keep in mind is that the series that starts with 8 is Coffee Lake, and the ones that start with 7 are Kaby Lake. 

For the best gaming laptop specs, as cores, the processor must be Hexa core (6 cores) or quad-core (4 cores). 

Capacity and Type of Memory (RAM)

To be more specific, the more RAM the higher the performance, because the capacity of RAM is directly proportional to the number of runs and tasks that the laptop can run. 

A gaming laptop should ideally have 16GB of RAM (DDR4) to be able to cope well with all assigned tasks. 

best gaming laptop specs: Display and Resolution

It is recommended that the gaming laptop you choose also meet the display and resolution recommendations, not just the ones above. 

Most gaming laptop manufacturers have seen the trends and now produce mostly Full HD, these are recommended standards for display. 

The ideal resolution is 1920X1080 to get the most out of a gaming laptop. 

The price

The price of the laptop is one of the most important aspects for the best gaming laptop specs. 

Because a gaming laptop is an accessory you don’t change every month, it’s important to make the best choice. 

You don’t have to limit yourself strictly to the needs you have at the moment, but you have to be one step ahead of your gaming appearances. 

For example, if you buy a gaming laptop specifically for a particular game, it is possible that after some time, when another version of the game appears, it will not work. 

That is why the laptop you choose must keep up with the new requirements. 

Storage Capacity and Type (HDD / SSD)

Another essential part of the best gaming laptop specs is an SSD as a type of storage.

It significantly reduces the waiting time when the laptop is turned on and until it enters the interface.

It also helps a lot in the fluidity and speed of using the programs and applications installed on the SSD. 

For the rest of the documents, movies, and games, a simple HDD is enough, although our recommendation is an SSD with a larger capacity. 

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best gaming laptop specs: Keyboard

You need to keep in mind the keyboard layout of your gaming laptop, as this will be your control center with everything you do with your laptop. 

In order not to lose gaming performance, it is recommended to use the same keyboard model as the previous one. 

As criteria for selecting the keyboard for the gaming laptop we list: 

  • to have tactile feedback when pressing the keys 
  • to have enough distance between the keys and their bases 
  • to have enough space between the 
  • keys important keys such as Enter, ESC, Backspace and have normal sizes, and optionally have Numpad

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Audio / Sound

An important element for the audio part of the gaming laptop is that it has two separate audio jacks, one for the microphone and one for the headphones. 

Fortunately, there are 3-ring audio jack gaming headphones that allow the same audio input and the use of microphones and headphones simultaneously. 

Remember and very important, is that the plug must have 3 rings on the audio jack. 

best gaming laptop specs: Operating System

The best and only option we recommend for a gaming laptop is the Windows 10 operating system. 

Windows 10 is a leader in gaming, compared to other operating systems.

This is confirmed even by game makers, whose first consideration is optimization for Windows 10. 

Cooling and Ventilation

The thinner a laptop, the more it will have problems with ventilation and cooling because of the lack of space inside it will deprive the freedom of large and efficient fans.  

If the laptop is still too thin and will have problems with heating, it is recommended to use a separate cooling pad. 

Warming up the laptop will affect the performance of the games, but it will also give an unpleasant sensation, as certain keys (such as WASD) will also heat up. 

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best gaming laptop specs: Connectivity

By connectivity we mean the possibility of the laptop, through the input and output slots, to be able to be connected to other devices. 

Unfortunately, many of the new laptops have not been equipped with an optical drive (CD / DVD), which can be problematic, but fortunately, you can buy an external drive. 

As a benchmark, the gaming laptop you choose would be ideal to have the following: 

  • optical drive (if possible and if you want) – CD / DVD-RW
  • HDMI output
  • USB 3.1 Type C ports, USB 2.0 ,and USB 3.0
  • Mini output DisplayPort
  • Audio output for microphone (if possible) 
  • Audio output 
  • RJ-45 input (LAN / Internet cable jack)
  • card reader 
  • Wireless-10/100/1000 – 802.11 or 802.11 ac 2×2

best gaming laptop specs: Battery

About the battery, you should not have expectations of too big of it for a gaming laptop.

Some gaming laptops can indeed support games quite easily when running on a battery.

However, it is not recommended, because you have to choose between the duration of the gaming session and the quality at which you want the game to run. 

After all, they are inversely proportional. 

In conclusion, the maximum performance of a laptop must be taken into account when the laptop is connected to the power supply, to benefit from its maximum performance. 

Read more to find out the best gaming laptop specs.

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Credit: HP Omen 15

Laptop Gaming Accessories

Regardless of the skills of a good player, gaming accessories only bring advantages, even if you benefit from the best gaming laptop. 

A good example is ghosting, which usually happens on simple keyboards. 

Ghosting is the inability of a keyboard to process multiple keys while some of them are already pressed. 

Therefore, if you are passionate about gaming, especially competitive, whether you play League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Fortnite, Call of Duty, or PUBG, we present some of the most useful gaming accessories. 

These accessories are compatible with both a desktop and a gaming laptop. 

This is why you should take care of the best gaming laptop specs before buying a new laptop. 

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Laptop Gaming Controller, Mouse, and Keyboard

The most important accessories of a gaming laptop are the controller, keyboard, and mouse.

Every gamer needs a gaming mouse and a custom keyboard. 

Although the controller can be optional depending on the game played, the 2 accessories mentioned above are indispensable. 

Joystick, Cooler, and Gaming Headphones for Laptop

Other peripherals needed for high-performance gaming are headphones, a joystick, and a cooling pad. 

Although for the most part, most games can only be played with the mouse and keyboard, for a game like an air simulator we need a joystick. 

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Laptop Gaming Steering Wheel, Chair, and Monitor

This section is intended for gaming on a laptop at another level but is also important for the best gaming laptop specs.

Like the joystick, the gaming steering wheel offers unique moments for the games for which it is intended. 

For example, the Need for Speed series or simulators such as the Euro Truck Simulator can be easily played with the gaming steering wheel on a larger monitor with an HDMI adapter. 

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Speakers, Webcam and Laptop Gaming Mouse Pad

Although the mouse pad is a necessary accessory, speakers and webcam are optional accessories. 

The main purpose of the speakers is to replace the headphones, but we rarely see gamers who prefer the speakers instead of the headphones. 

The role of the webcam is for streaming on platforms such as YouTube or Twitch. 

Thank you for reading our blog post about best gaming laptop specs. We hope that you will find the best gaming laptop that suits your own needs. 

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