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The best gaming PC is specially designed to provide maximum gaming performance on a budget.

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All enthusiasts know how important it is to have a proper computer to keep up with powerful streaming, graphics in Full HD or 4K resolutions, and much more. 

To get the most performance from games, you need a high-performance gaming computer, whose components can support the latest gaming requirements. 

Because it is a fairly important investment, the best gaming PC must ensure the highest possible performance for the coming years, as well as future upgrade possibilities. 

The components of the gaming computer must be chosen in a balanced way, not just in terms of compatibility. 

The best gaming PC must offer performance, without being affected by any of the components.

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Alienware Aurora R11 the best gaming pc in 2020

What you should consider when choosing the best gaming pc?

Gaming Processor for the best gaming PC

The central processing unit or CPU is often called the computer brain. 

It controls the number of tasks that the computer can perform simultaneously and how quickly it can complete those tasks.

Competition in the processor market has increased greatly in recent years. 

After a time when Intel dominated the market and dictated what performance in gaming or photo/video editing means, AMD is back in force with the Ryzen family of processors.

The most important attribute of a processor is the operating frequency, which has a major impact on the performance of the gaming system.

The frequency of the processor is more important for gaming than the number of cores, but its performance should not be measured by comparing the frequencies of processors in different series. 

For example, we do not compare the frequency of an i9 9900KF processor with the i3 9100. 

Although they have the same processing frequency at 3.6 GHz, the i9 processor is 36% more powerful in a single thread, so it is a better option for a gaming system.

The number of cores must be at least 4 for today’s gaming standards, and the processor must support Hyper-Threading on Intel processors or Simultaneous Multithreading (SMP) on AMD processors.

The processor must be powerful enough so that the video card can run at full capacity. 

We don’t have to form the best gaming PC from a high-performance video card and a processor that can’t handle it.

Processors must be chosen from the latest generation because Intel or AMD manufacturers make improvements over the previous series.

Alienware Aurora R10 the best gaming pc


The motherboard is the component of the pc system through which all components communicate with each other. 

All components of the best gaming PC must be compatible with the motherboard, otherwise, they will not work.

The motherboard must support processor overclocking (as appropriate), support memory frequencies, and have transistors that are strong enough to transmit power to all components that do not power directly from the source.

The video card for the best gaming PC

The video card is the most important component of a gaming system and, implicitly, the most expensive. 

The video card must be connected to the processor so that it can operate at full capacity. 

In vain you have the most powerful video card on the market if it is pulled down by the processor.

There are two types of video cards for PC systems: integrated and dedicated. 

When we talk about a gaming system, it is recommended that the video card be a dedicated one, the differences between performances being significant.

When choosing the video card we must also take into account the monitor. 

If we have in the gaming system a 60Hz monitor at Full HD 1080p resolution, we do not need the most powerful video card on the market. 

But if we increase the resolution and fps of the monitor, then we need a stronger video card.

We must also take into account the games for which we make the system. 

Some games require more image processing, so a more powerful video card, while others do not put much stress on the video card but more on the processor.

A powerful video card also has a separate power supply, so it needs a power source.

Although there are several video card manufacturers for games, behind them are two major chipset manufacturers: Intel through Nvidia and AMD through Radeon.

Corsair One i164 the best gaming pc


RAM is one of the most essential components of a PC.

The amount of RAM, its type, and frequency can make a big difference not only in the computer for games but also in the normal use of other programs.

If you’ve ever had your computer move slowly when you have a lot of programs open or a lot of pages in your browser, it’s probably your RAM.

RAM can lead to jerking in games due to loss of frames or even game failure if the memory is not enough.

RAM is occupied by all open applications. 

Even if no games are turned on, some of it is consumed by the operating system, firewall, antivirus, browser, etc. 

In short, even if you have not started an application, part of the RAM is consumed only for the PC to work. 

It is recommended that other applications be closed when we start a game, as they consume resources, including RAM.

There are some features that we need to consider when choosing RAM for a gaming system.

Storage for the best gaming PC

We have three types of storage that we need to consider in a gaming system, but none of them influence the performance of the game.

HDD, the traditional version is the best option in terms of price/storage capacity. 

However, it is an outdated technology due to the mechanical data writing system. 

The HDD is the slowest component of a gaming system.

SSDs are the newest storage option for PC systems. 

They have higher write and read speeds than traditional HDDs, but they also have a slightly higher price.

The SSDs, depending on the format, is divided into M.2 SSD, 2.5 INCH SSD, and ADD-IN Card.

Any of the formats are faster than traditional HDD.

SSD and HDD storage media can be used in combination. 

In this case, the operating system and the most used games or programs must be stored on the SSD, taking into account its storage capacity.

CyberPowerPC Gamer Extreme VR best gaming pc

Source for the best gaming PC

The source is a very important component especially when it comes to the best gaming PC. 

In addition to the fact that the rest of the components can be endangered if a poor quality source is chosen, there is a risk that the system will not work at optimum capacity if the source does not supply the computer components properly and sufficiently.

Overclocking the video card and the processor, which are often required in a gaming system, puts even more stress on the source.


We all like a case that looks good. 

After all, she wears all the components in which I invested a lot of money. 

But not the way it looks or the lights it has been the most important in a gaming case, but the air circulation it can provide.

A gaming system runs at higher temperatures than a normal desktop when we push its components to its limits. 

Housing with adequate air circulation allows the components to run at higher speeds and increases their service life.

Another characteristic of the carcasses is their size. 

This must be taken into account because we risk buying a video card that does not fit in the case, or a processor cooler that is too high to close the case.

The number of fans that the case comes with must be taken into account, as well as their quality. 

Many housings have non-fans performing and are very noisy. 

Also, the case should be equipped with dust filters, so that dust does not deposit on the components of the gaming system.

The housing must provide good management of the wires so that they are well hidden and do not hang through the housing. 

In addition to the negative visual appearance that the wires provide, they also affect the air circulation inside the gaming case.

The type of connections that the case offers on the front is important because we want quick access to connect a USB stick or phone to the computer.

Origin Chronos best gaming pc

Processor Cooler for the best gaming PC​

Cooling the processor is very important for it to work properly. 

If the processor heats up too much, the system may turn off or the frequency may decrease.

Choosing a suitable cooler is very important to keep the processor in the optimal temperature range. 

Although some processors come with a stock cooler, they are not enough powerful to achieve significant and stable overclocking.

We have two important types of coolers for processors: air and water coolers.

Air-based processor coolers are based on an aluminum block that draws temperature from the processor and is cooled by a fan attached to the block. 

It is not much different from the next type of cooling, but a good air cooler will take up a good part of the inside of the system. 

The width and height of the housing must be taken into account to make sure it fits. 

It is not the best option from an aesthetic point of view.

Water-based coolers provide similar or better cooling than air-based coolers. 

It does not take up much space in the housing and does not clog other components. 

And this type of cooler is dependent on the housing, as it must provide space at the top or back for mounting the cooler. 

Conservatives tend to avoid this type of cooler for fear of liquid leaking on the components. 

However, they have evolved a lot in recent years, and the probability that the liquid will leak and destroy the components is extremely low in the case of quality components.

MSI MEG Trident X gaming pc


It is an important item when it comes to gaming. 

A quality mouse gives you precision in games (especially in the first-person shooter), customizable buttons, as well as the option to change the dpi in your program.

The most important component of a mouse is the sensor.

A weak season spoils the gaming experience, affecting its accuracy. 

For the best possible accuracy, I recommend using it only on a synthetic gamepad.

Its size must be taken into account for increased comfort during use. 

The choice of size depends on the style in which it is used: palm grip, claw grip vs finger grip.

Monitor for the best gaming PC​

Monitors for gaming systems are different from those used in office computers or photo/video editing. 

They need to be fast and have a very short response time, especially in fast-paced games. 

The refresh rate of the monitor must be 144Hz, and its resolution must be chosen according to the performance of the video card.

Therefore, the choice of a gaming monitor is made taking into account its resolution, screen diagonal, refresh rate, response time, and panel type.

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Dell G5 Gaming Desktop 5090

Credit: Dell G5

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