The best gaming console

How do you choose the best gaming console?

What functions and features should have the best gaming console?

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The video game industry is constantly evolving. 

That’s because people are increasingly feeling the need for entertainment. 

Old forms of entertainment are rapidly running out.

Also, accelerated technological progress is reflected in the development of more video games interactive, immersive with much better graphics. 

It is normal to want to be able to play the newest and best games.

For this, the best gaming console is a necessary device for any enthusiast. 

But how can you choose the best gaming console? 

Find out in the following.

Why choose the best gaming console?

A gaming console is a device that connects to the TV and allows you to play your favorite video games, using a controller.

However, the concept of the gaming console has evolved a lot in recent years. 

Thus, they include other forms of entertainment such as video streaming.

They can record evolution in the game so that you can share with your friends the way you had fun. 

Some models can be controlled based on voice commands, can surf the internet, can help you stay in shape, and much more.

How to choose the best gaming console

There are only a few brands on the market that have majored in this segment. 

Even so, or perhaps for this very reason, the choice is more difficult. 

Some consoles give you special features while others have better specifications, but you can’t play your favorite game.

You have to choose between being well informed because these products are not cheap. 

Also, you can’t have them all, so you’ll have to study them carefully to choose which items matter most to you.

To help you figure out your needs, but also what criteria you should follow, we have prepared a shopping guide below.

We will not tell you what to buy and whatnot, but we will teach you how to choose a professional so that you do not regret the investment made.

Finally, if you want, you can consult our list of the best gaming consoles on the market, available at a well-justified quality/price ratio. 

So, this is exactly what you need to keep in mind when choosing the best gaming console. 

Console type

There are two types of gaming consoles on the market: the ones you connect to the TV and the portable ones you can take with you everywhere.

The consoles that connect to the TV are powerful models that can deliver an immersive gaming experience, even for the whole family. 

Most of them can serve as main stations for home entertainment. 

With their help, you will be able to access the internet and play games available only online or play videos.

The home game console needs a separate screen to work. 

They do not have their display, so it is necessary to connect them to the TV.

In addition to the basic unit, they must include several components: controllers (a kind of remote control with which you can select games and execute commands in the game), power transformer (allows you to connect the device to electricity).

Of course, the screen does not have to be a TV itself. 

The important thing is to be able to connect to the console. 

For sound, you can use the TV speaker, a better sound system, or a pair of headphones, especially if you play online with more teammates.

The need for portable gaming consoles is difficult to understand, especially in the context in which most games can be played on a phone or tablet. 

However, connoisseurs know that you have a different feeling when you play from a console, be it a portable one. 

These models are compact, so they will fit snugly in your pocket or small bag.

You hear less about the micro-console, but this is also a relatively new concept on the market. 

It is based on an android operating system and facilitates access to online games. 

You will be able to connect the console to a video and audio system, but you will not have to download games on it.

Favorite type of games

You must also take about the games you prefer when looking for a gaming console. 

If you are a passionate gamer who plays everything that falls into his hands, then you will prefer a console that allows you to try a wide variety of games, even the newest ones.

In this sense, the most recommended are Xbox and PlayStation, because they allow you to access several genres: racing, action, first-person shooting, and much more.

Other consoles tend to limit the kind of available games. 

For example, Nintendo has the most Mario-style games. 

They have light graphics and are suitable for all ages. 

However, unlike the options mentioned above, you will never have the feeling that you are part of the game.

Some brands also produce games exclusively for their console. 

Popular titles such as Gran Turismo will only be available on a specific console, in this case, Sony. 

So if you have a favorite game, check if you can access it that way.

You also need to consider how old your favorite games are.

Newer generations of consoles may no longer support, at least in the beginning, an old game, or may never make it available. 

So, if you are a nostalgic gamer, check if the titles you are passionate about can be played on the console you are about to buy.

PlayStation 5 Console

The generation of the best gaming console

A brand launches a new generation of game consoles every few years. 

It can take a period of 5 or 10 years from one generation to the next. 

It will be the same game console but improved with state-of-the-art technologies.

In general, the new generations limit you, at first, in terms of the number of games you can access. 

However, they are a good investment for the future, because all the games newly developed will be compatible with these new models.

There is, however, a price trap in which you can fall. 

At launch, all consoles will be worth much more than you would normally pay for them. 

As time goes on, their price will go down.

However, you do not want to buy a console when it is already many years since its launch, because a new model will be launched soon and you will not be able to enjoy new features. 

Ideally, you should buy one in such a way that you can use it for about 5 years until you buy another from a newer generation, but not immediately after it was launched.

Online Gaming on the best gaming console

How do you like to play? 

Alone or do you prefer to be part of an online community? 

Although each gaming console has an important selection of experiences on its own, they all offer online gaming services for multiple players. 

For example, PlayStation includes PS Network, Xbox includes Xbox Live, and Nintendo Switch also has a Nintendo Online version.

Online services can be accessed if you are willing to pay a fee. 

This gives you access to some of the most popular multiplayer games. 

Also, make sure that your favorite game and that of your friends is compatible with the console you want.

Online multiplayer and family games

Some consoles, such as Nintendo, offer a wider range of games that can be played simultaneously by multiple people locally or in the family. 

Thus, you can enjoy a very fun activity for all family members.

Xbox One S

Credit: Xbox One S

Power and performance

If you are looking for an intense graphics experience, you need a powerful console. 

The race will take place between Xbox and PlayStation. 

If you want the strongest model, choose one of the latest generations.

To realize the power, check the processing power as well as the memory tape. 

The higher the values, the better. 

If you want a very good visual experience, check if the model you choose supports 4K HDR games. 

Some even support 4K Blu Ray games. 

You can use them to play movies at this quality, but only if your screen or TV supports 4k technology.

Parental control for the best gaming console

If you are buying a console for children, as a parent it is normal to want to limit their access to some games with explicit graphics, whether it is sexual or violent. 

Well, any console has powerful parental control options, especially the Nintendo Switch, a device that is especially popular with children.

This console comes bundled with an application that you can install on your phone. 

Through the application, you can monitor the time that the child spends playing and set limits so that the little one does not spend too much time in this way. 

You can also filter the content available to your child, depending on age restrictions.

Other consoles allow you to access this option from the system menu. 

This way you can restrict internet browsing, some online functions, as well as certain levels of restricted age-in some games. 

You may also be able to view directly from the system, through the “Ask a parent” function, the opinion of other parents about the game that your child wants.

Credit: Xbox One X

Media services

Your console can also facilitate access to certain streaming services such as Netflix, Stan, YouTube. 

A console may have more or less such streaming applications. 

Some may also be offered for free, while for others you will have to pay extra.

Other consoles such as PS4 and Xbox One also include a feature through which you can display videos, audio, or images from your console via your console.

Also, you have music streaming services, such as Spotify, but you will also have to pay extra for it.

Compatibility with VR technology

You likely want to enjoy the most intense gaming experience. 

That’s why you probably already have or are thinking of buying a pair of VR glasses.

Manufacturers will always consider including this option, only some have optimized better, such as those from Sony. 

However, in the specifications, check this aspect well if you are interested in experimenting with virtual reality.

Nintendo Switch

Motion Detection Equipment

Cameras and controllers can allow you to play certain games using your body movements. 

However, you need to pay attention to this aspect. 

Some consoles include motion sensors in the original package. 

For the newest models, however, you will have to pay separately for these sensors.

Such cameras with sensors allow you to control the start, stop, or navigation in the game, through movements or voice commands. 

However, some players have noticed that it confuses them more. 

Prefer to use these cameras only in games that score you based on the accuracy of your movements, for example, if you need to dance as best you can to win.

So, in your choice, you will have to take into account your favorite games, the way you prefer to play (at home or away), the type of game you prefer (single or multiplayer), as well as the purchase price. 

Remember that, in addition to the initial price, you will have to invest more in a console. 

That’s because you’ll have to buy some games, pay a monthly subscription, or buy extra parts to enjoy a better gaming experience, such as professional headphones or extra or special controllers.

The best gaming console: recommendations

Which one is your favorite best gaming console and why?

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