The best gaming headsets

How do you choose the best gaming headsets?

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A pair of headsets specially designed for gaming is an essential component of a gaming system.

This is true for both avid and novice gamers.

Using quality headsets, players can enjoy a more intense and realistic experience during games. 

Also, it gives them the chance to communicate with teammates and meet new colleagues with the same passions. 

A true gamer knows how important sound quality is to enjoy your favorite game to the fullest. 

That’s why he will look to buy only the best gaming headsets.

Find out from this article how you can make an advantageous purchase.

Why choose the best gaming headsets?

Why a simple pair of normal headsets is not enough for your games? 

Because those who make your favorite games think every detail, from graphics to sound and special effects.

It would be a shame not to be able to enjoy all the details they have thought of to deliver a more authentic experience for you.

In addition to a much better thought-out design, a pair of gaming headsets differs from a normal one by special components and functions.

They are specially designed to facilitate communication with teammates, but also to play a high-quality sound. 

Often, they can be used successfully to record your words in a video, the resulting sound being clean.

Razer Blackshark V2 best gaming headsets

How to choose the best gaming headsets

To enjoy all the advantages of such a pair of headsets, it is important to know what are the selection criteria that guide you to the best pair.

Although their design can be very attractive, you can’t figure out just what they look like, why they are priced, and what are the components that make that pair of headsets better than another.

Because an informed buyer is a better buyer, we decided to design a shopping guide specifically for you. 

Going through it you will be able to more easily select a good pair of headsets, without wasting too much time searching through the vast and saturated offer on the market.

In the end, we prepared a list of the best products we found on the market, now available at a very good value for money.

Compatibility of the best gaming headsets

The first thing you need to establish before buying a new pair of best gaming headsets is the platform to which you will connect them. 

It can be a PC, Mac, Xbox, or PS4.

If you play computer games most of the time, make sure that the best gaming headsets you have watched are compatible with your PC. 

Similarly, if you prefer consoles, double-check if it is compatible with PS4 or Xbox One.

Mac users will usually have more challenges in finding a pair of best gaming headsets that are compatible with Apple, however, manufacturers seem to pay more and more attention to this aspect.

Some premium headsets are advanced enough to be used on any platform. 

However, they cost much more than those that support a single platform.

Connection type

Depending on the gaming platform you use, you must also choose the type of connection that the headsets you want must-have.

If you do not take this into account, you will not be able to use the pair of headsets purchased with the equipment you use for games. 

There are several types of connection: standard 3.5mm jack, dual 3.5mm jack, USB, wireless, or Bluetooth.

In particular, if you prefer to play PC games, you will have more headaches in terms of connectivity. 

Headsets that are specially made for PC, usually require you to install special drivers or software. 

Otherwise, you would not be able to enjoy the headsets to their full potential, accessing the special functions.

And when it comes to Xbox compatible headsets, things are not exactly simple. 

If you are looking for a wireless model that is compatible with this console, you will need to double-check its compatibility.

Also, on newer game consoles, you can connect headsets that use Jack. 

If you have an older model, you may need to purchase a Microsoft 3.5mm adapter.

In conclusion, wireless headsets for gaming are compatible mainly with PS4 or computers and, in some cases only, with Xbox One. 

Those with Bluetooth connection can be used with PS4, PS Vita, and computers.

HyperX Cloud Alpha best gaming headsets

The comfort of the best gaming headsets

Comfort is the key to a fun and rewarding game. 

Regardless of the type of game, you cannot concentrate and be effective if you are in a state of discomfort.

In vain you buy a set of high-gaming headsets performance, if after a few minutes of play you start to have headaches, sore throats, or earaches.

The best gaming headsets should be comfortable and should not put too much pressure on the ears or head. 

They are made of durable, lightweight materials that allow you to focus on the game.

Here are the elements that can make you give up a pair of high-performance headsets because it is uncomfortable:

  • Gaming headsets for users who wear glasses

If you are a wearer of glasses, do not forget to keep this in mind when buying headsets. 

Choose products from those manufacturers who signal to you that they have used a friendly design with glasses wearers. 

This way, the headsets will not put pressure on the frames.

  • Material

The material used in the manufacture of the tape and cups matters a lot. 

Cups that are lined with leather are considered to be the most comfortable and look very good.

However, if you know that you sweat a lot, this is not the ideal choice for you, because this material does not let the skin of your ears breathe very well. 

Therefore, it may be more advisable to choose cups with textile lining.

As for the tape, it should sit comfortably on your head. 

If it tightens too much, you can be sure that you will not be able to support the headsets for too long.

Padded headsets seem to be the most comfortable. 

If you have stained headsets that have metal or plastic tape, you should think twice before making the purchase.

  • Weight

Make sure you choose a light pair of headsets. 

If the weight is too high, you will reach a point where your neck pain will be unbearable.

So, the best gaming headsets have a thick lining, lightweight, adjustment options, and cups that cover the entire earlobe.

Razer Thresher Ultimate best gaming headsets

The microphone of the best gaming headsets

For a pair of gaming headsets, the microphone is one of the most important components. 

You need to be heard, as much as you need to hear the sound of the game clearly and loudly.

Even if you can’t afford to buy the most expensive option on the market, make sure that the model you choose has a good quality microphone.

The built-in microphone allows you to communicate with your playmates. 

Besides, the best pair of gaming headsets have the function of noise cancellation, ie cancellation of background noise. 

Thus, when you speak, you will hear yourself very clearly.

If you want to use headsets to watch movies or listen to music, choose a model with a microphone that does not obstruct your vision or, better, a microphone removable.

  • Omni or unidirectional microphone?

Gaming headsets can integrate a microphone omnidirectionally or unidirectional. What’s the difference?

The microphone omnidirectional can receive sounds from all directions. 

The one-way will be more focused on your voice, so it will convey your words more clearly.

If you have to choose between the two options, choose the one-way one.

HyperX Cloud Orbit S the best gaming headsets

Sound quality

All avid gamers recognize that quality sound makes a big difference in the gaming experience. 

The main purpose of the headsets is to allow you to hear explosions, gunfire, or the footsteps of enemies. 

Thus your game is taken to a higher level.

If you are not only a gamer but also a Youtuber or you are used to streaming online, there is no point in buying a pair of headsets with poor audio.

The best models are equipped with surround sound function. 

In other words, each cup contains multiple drivers, so the sound seems to come from different directions. 

You get to know not only that the enemy is approaching, but also that he is coming from the left or the right, or that he is behind you.

In FPS games, it is essential to know where the gunshots are coming from. 

If you are a fan of these games, it is mandatory to choose a pair of headsets with surround sound.

In this sense, Dolby technology is the best. 

It gives you 7 channels, meaning that the sound will be perceived from 7 dimensions.

An alternative to 7.1 technology is stereo sound. 

Although, if you’re a fan of FPS, your headsets should have at least 5.1 technology, and have a strong bass.

Steelseries Arctis 9 the best gaming headsets

Background noise cancellation function

Background noise cancellation is a very good function that works like this: an external microphone is used to redirect any background sound, canceling them thus. 

This way, you can focus on the game without distractions.

If you play in noisy environments or do not want to hear your roommate watching TV or family talking, it is best to choose a pair of headsets with this function.

Sound format

A conventional user who needs headsets for conversations skype will be satisfied with a mono or stereo pair. 

A self-respecting gamer will always choose a pair of headsets with a 5.1 or 7.1 sound format.

The closed or open design of the best gaming headsets

Closed-design headsets have a solid cup around the speaker. 

Thus the ears are completely isolated from the surrounding sound. 

These are a better solution if you want to focus only on the game, and you do not want to be distracted by the noises around. 

In the same way, the people around you will not hear anything you hear.

Another benefit of the closed design headsets is that you can hear even the finest sound in the game loud and clear, which will be an advantage over the competition.

The open design gaming headsets have the main advantage of offering a more natural sound. 

In this case, the cups are perforated. 

Some games are more enjoyable if you use this type of headset.

However, the downside is that you will hear background noises and other people will hear what you are listening to in headsets. 

If you choose such a headset, check that the microphone can receive sounds that are emitted outside the speaker, which would be very annoying.

Razer Kraken X the best gaming headsets


In the case of these gaming accessories, the manufacturer is very important. 

Don’t even think about buying a pair of headsets from a no-name company. 

Even if it looks good, the sound may be of poor quality even if it seems to have special functions. 

Also, it can be very uncomfortable.

Choose to buy from reputable manufacturers, who strive to deliver goods at high-quality standards. 

Now that you have read all this information, you are ready to choose the best gaming headsets. 

Creative SXFI Gamer the best gaming headsets

The best gaming headsets: recommendations

Which one is your favorite best gaming headsets and why?

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