The best gaming keyboard

How to choose the best gaming keyboard? What functions and features should the best gaming keyboard have to suit your needs?

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A truly passionate gamer needs the best equipment to be able to enjoy the maximum performance in the best video games.

If in the past, a gaming system was designed from a mouse, a keyboard, and a high-performance PC.

The technology and design differ a lot and, with them, the prices are different from product to product.

Why choose the best gaming keyboard?

Because the best gaming keyboard can improve both your gaming experience and performance.

Every gamer knows the frustration he feels when he presses the wrong key and does not perform the desired action in time in the game.

The same problem is when a key is not sensitive enough to touch, which results in the death of your character, or the loss of a level when you were very close to the end.

A gamer’s keyboard is subjected to many tests. 

It must be very durable. 

A gamer does not use the keyboard in the same way as a conventional user or a person working in the office.

It will quickly and repeatedly press the same keys for hours every day. 

Upset because the game will not take into account the pressure and force with which he presses the keys. 

An ordinary keyboard would not cope.

Also, the best gaming keyboard will be ergonomic, which means that you will be able to control it much easier, without confusing or missing the keys.

These devices are also known for the ease with which you can use them even in the dark because they are illuminated.

You can enjoy the best gaming keyboard, only if, before buying one, you are very well informed.

Razer Huntsman Elite the best gaming keyboarrrd

How to choose the best gaming keyboard

You will find all the information you need to make the best purchase if you read this article carefully.

At the end of the article, you will find a list of the best gaming keyboards selected based on expert advice and reports from other buyers. 

You can select the best gaming keyboard according to your budget, at the best quality/price ratio.

Types of gaming keyboards

The keyboard for video games can be classified according to the mechanism.

Not all have the same principle of operation, and some mechanisms are more recommended for a gamer than others. 

Gaming keyboard with membrane

The technology of this type of keyboard is simple. 

It is a membrane rubber located under each key through which contact is made with the keypad. 

Because they are very easy to make, the price of these keyboards is lower.

However, the best membrane keyboards tend to lag, or contact may not be made, even if you press the key.

Frankly, it doesn’t matter if you get a cheap or expensive model from a top manufacturer. 

The problem is not the quality of workmanship and materials, but the technology itself.

Mechanical gaming keyboard

This represents the most attractive option for a true gamer. 

It is the oldest technology, but very reliable. 

Many people think that it is very difficult to invent something better in terms of keyboards.

And in this category, there are several mechanisms of operation. 

For example, there are silent or noisy mechanical keyboards.

Silent joints make less noise. 

The sound ones make a louder noise when they are operated.

In the same way, there are keyboards with in-line or touch switches. 

The tactile ones provide feedback to indicate that the key has been pressed correctly. 

The key will “jump” back, signaling that your press has been recorded. 

Those with a linear system do not provide such an answer.

Scissor Switches gaming keyboard

What everyone who is looking for a gaming keyboard should remember is that this system is very similar to that of laptop keyboards.

Unlike the mechanical system, the keys are narrower, easier to press, and quieter. 

However, they are as durable as any other mechanical keyboard. 

However, their price often tends to be quite high.

gaming keyboard

Connection type

There are two types of connection for keyboards: wired and wireless.

Wired gaming keyboard

These types of keyboards are in the largest number on the market. 

Because it does not require as much mobility as a mouse, most gamers do not mind the fact that the keyboard is attached with a computer wire.

There is no need to check the battery level, as it will always be connected to a power source. 

The two main types of connection with wire:

  • USB

This is a classic way of connecting. 

However, it has some disadvantages. 

One is that when USB slots are overloaded, delays may occur. 

Also, the number of simultaneous keystrokes is limited from model to model.

  • PS / 2

It’s a better type of connection that has become obsolete, so it’s harder to find. 

The response time is better and the number of simultaneous presses is unlimited.

According to experts, USB is, however, a more convenient option. 

That’s because it’s a type of connection that will evolve in the future. 

Also, using special software, the problem lag is solved.

Wireless gaming keyboard

This type of connection gives you more freedom of movement. 

In this way, you can sit comfortably on the gaming chair, on the sofa or armchair, with the keyboard in your arms. 

The biggest disadvantage is the battery life.

If you choose a keyboard with a rechargeable battery, you will need to charge it regularly. 

However, if you buy one with a normal battery, you will always have to change the battery.

Design and material

You should not ignore this aspect. 

After a few months of intensive play, your keyboard will show significant signs of wear. 

If the plastic is of poor quality, the keys will acquire a very unsightly luster and the labels will be erased from them.

There are two types of plastic used in the manufacture of gaming keyboards:

  • ABS plastic

It is expensive, does not wear easily, has a high resistance to high temperatures, and is very strong. 

The top models are made of this type of plastic.

The price is justified for this quality level because the keys will not deteriorate over time. 

  • PBT plastic

It is cheap and light, the letters are erased easily and the keys become glossy. 

Also, it can melt if you leave it in the sun long enough. 

It is used for cheap and medium models.

You can get over the disadvantages because it doesn’t cost much, and once the keyboard has worn out too much, you can easily buy a new one.

Stiffness and key printing

Specialists advise you to check the rigidity of the keys if you have the opportunity to physically see the keyboard. 

If the keys feel stiff and look massive, it is a quality plastic.

So if you can’t feel it, it’s cheap plastic. 

If you can’t physically check the keyboard, pay close attention to brands. 

Razer, Logitech, Steelseries, have keys made of ABS plastic.

Another detail you need to keep in mind is how to apply labels with letters and characters on the keyboard. 

There are several methods:

Printing – most characters are printed on keys, they are pasted on them. 

Because they are cheap and colorful, they have gained popularity in the market. 

However, they can be easily erased. 

The advantage is that you can your renew keyboard anytime by purchasing a new set of stickers with letters and characters.

Laser Burning – These are characters that stand out on the keys, making them more uncomfortable to press. 

They will be harder to erase, but they can lose their clarity faster.

Plastic injection – using a steam-based technology, the paint is injected directly into the plastic. 

This way the characters are not deleted and the keys are fine. 

However, it is a technology that can only be applied keys to light-colored.


Comfort is very important in gaming. 

Even the most expensive model made of the highest quality materials will be difficult to use if it does not have an ergonomic design.

The best gaming keyboards, like any other gaming device, has some special elements that will make the gaming experience more enjoyable. 

For example, some come with wrist support.

Another important feature is the location of the keys. 

This means the presence of WASD keys that stand out, maybe even rubberized.

Another beneficial aspect is the absence of the Windows key near CTRL. 

Pressing it during the game, in the worst moments, minimizes the main window.

Few manufacturers focus much on design. 

Most remain in the classic keyboard configuration, which is also preferred by gamers.

One tip is to avoid keyboards that have special multimedia keys. 

These are useless and spoil the appearance of the device. 

Besides, it unnecessarily increases the price.

Keys, wheels, special screens

If you are not used to using special functions, such as information screens or various trackers, besides, the game you prefer does not require you to use them, there is no point in paying tens of dollars extra for a model with functions that you will never use.

SteelSeries Apex Pro


Most models are equipped with strong lights under the keys. 

They are available in a wide variety of colors, and color combinations.

The best models allow you to configure groups of keys that are colored differently than others. 

This will make it easier for you to find the keys you need, even if you play in the dark.

Other models have a dynamic lighting system. 

The idea is this: if your character in the game is injured, the light turns red.

The lighting system is more complex, the more you will pay for the keyboard. 

If you have a limited budget, a simpler model will be just as good, just not so cool.

What functions should have the best keyboard gaming?

Custom shortcuts – you need to be able to create your shortcuts to open or access in-game options by pressing whatever you want on the keyboard.

Anti-ghosting – refers to accepting a command executed by pressing at least 5 keys simultaneously. 

Because many games have commands that require the simultaneous pressing of more than 3 keys, the presence of this function is mandatory.

Pooling rate – Refers to the number of actions that can be recognized by the system in a single second. 

Always choose a model that has a pooling high rate, certainly higher than 500 Hz.


There is no question of a no-name brand here. 

If you want to enjoy a real gaming experience, it is necessary to choose a model produced by a well-known brand in the field.

So, the quality of the keyboard is guaranteed. 

Besides, you can more easily find reviews made by other users. 

The most popular manufacturers are Logitech, Razer, A +, Corsair, Redragon, Cougar, Kingston.

We present you a list of the best gaming keyboards

Which one is your favorite best gaming keyboard and why?

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