The Best VR Headset For Gaming

How do you choose the best VR headset for gaming? What functions and features should VR gaming headsets have to suit your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

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Who remembers the first game consoles on TV? 

The game where you had to shoot ducks using a toy gun with sensors?

In the past, these gaming experiences seemed to be torn from SF movies. 

Nowadays, technology has advanced much more. 

You can forget about the games you are watching on the screen.

Thanks to the invention of VR (virtual reality) headsets, you can enjoy a totally special experience. 

You just have to put on your headset, start your favorite game and you will feel that you are part of it, that you are inside the universe of the game.

It is normal to want to be able to enjoy a form of entertainment of this quality whenever you want. 

To do this you need the best VR headset for gaming, and we will tell you exactly how to get them.

Why choose the best VR headset for gaming?

What does VR mean? You’ve probably heard of the term “virtual reality” at least, but you may not fully understand the concept.

The purpose of this technology is to create a new reality that you can explore using a special pair of VR headset for gaming. 

This way you enjoy a more interactive experience than if you observed the same images on a screen.

To give a feeling so close to reality, many technical processes are involved, details that if you do not know well, you could end up buying a VR set that is not suitable for you, or even that will give you moods dizziness or motion sickness.

Oculus Quest 2

How to choose the best VR headset for gaming?

It is essential to choose a pair of VR headset for gaming that suits you. 

To achieve this it is necessary to know the types of VR headset, what are the important functions, and what comfort considerations you need to check.

Connectivity and compatibility with the devices you want to use or the games you want to play are other important aspects.

You can enjoy a gaming experience as you have never experienced before, only when you choose the best VR headset for gaming. 

We will help you make the right choice by presenting all the details you need to know from this shopping guide.

If you go through it carefully you will come to understand the difference between the models available on the market, now in an increasingly overwhelming number.

We have also prepared a list of the best VR headsets models available on the market at the best quality/price ratio.

Here's what to look for when making such a purchase:

Types of VR headset for gaming

You will notice that depending on how you use them, these devices are of several types. 

We will talk here about the ones you can use with your mobile phone, your PlayStation, your computer, or the stand-alone ones.

VR headset for gaming - Use with a smartphone

These VR headsets are also known as VR boxes. 

These are the most and most affordable models. 

User reviews show that the experience is slightly limited, the graphics are not as good as in the case of an advanced model, but it is a good solution to start with. 

These are even cheaper.

The device allows you to attach the mobile phone in a frame and thus use the images on the phone screen for VR. 

It’s a good choice if you want to get acquainted with or try virtual reality, but you don’t want to invest too much.

Also, if you already have a phone that is compatible with a model of such a headset, the investment may be worth it. 

Otherwise, there is no point in buying a new phone and VR gaming headset

You spend too much on an experience that may leave something to be desired.

Another advantage is that, unlike other types of VR headset, you do not need cable connections to activate the system.

Oculus Quest 2 Female

VR gaming headset with PC/console connection

These systems require a connection to the computer or game console to generate an image. 

In many cases, these headsets are part of a set of sensors placed outside that will allow the system to better understand your position and movements.

Most VR headsets of this type, however, are made up of the monitor that is mounted on the head, lenses, and headphones. 

The role of processing the graphic part belongs to the device to which the headsets are connected.

The general opinion is that those with a PC connection are better than those with a game console connection. 

Popular models in this category are Oculus Rift, HTC Vive Pro, or Sony Playstation VR.

VR headset with own display

These systems are similar to those used with the mobile phone because they do not need cables to connect and work.

Instead, the video processing hardware is integrated into the headset, turning the set into a complete entertainment solution. 

The processing component of these devices is similar to that used for smartphones.

Oculus Go, Lenovo Mirage Solo are just a few models that fall into this category. 

Because the performance of these devices is higher and they are more convenient to use, their price ends up being quite high.

1 Headset Oculus Rift VR headset S PC the best vr gaming headset

Immersion level

How real your experience will look when you wear a VR headset

Will you feel like you’re part of the game? 

It all depends on the model you choose. 

Several aspects influence the quality of your experience:

The accuracy of position detection

VR headset must be able to detect and react to your movements and your position. 

The more accurate this is, the better the immersion.

If there are delays or lags between the user’s position in real life and the game, the experience will not be as impressive. 

The headset can detect the internal or external position.

Exterior position detection refers to sensors and/or cameras that detect the position of the VR headset in the given perimeter. 

In other words, where you are in your room, where are the obstacles to avoid, and when you are about to leave the perimeter.

Detecting the position from the inside to the outside refers to a front camera that exists on the headset

This system is considered weaker than the one from the outside to the inside.

In addition to these types of position detection, the best VR headset for gaming can detect the movement of the hands (using sensors or control devices).

Other models contain a module that can follow the user’s eyes. 

Thus, the device can adapt the image based on the movement of the eyes, not the head.

2. Headset HTC Vive VR for PC

Degree of Freedom (DoF)

 This parameter refers to the number of types of movements a user can experience using a VR headset

You will find 3DoF or 6DoF models.

3DoF allows the user to enjoy a 360-degree radial motion, while 6DoF models, in addition to the rotation, also offer freedom of position, the device detecting when you are down / up, right / left, forward / backward.

Visual field (FOV)

The larger the field of view, the better your experience. 

The human field of view reaches a maximum of 220 degrees. 

Most models offer a horizontal field of view of 100 degrees. 

The best VR headsets, however, ends up offering a field of view of 200 degrees.

Remote controls

Their quality will greatly influence your VR experience. 

Choose a pair of VR gaming headset with a controller that is as intuitive as possible. 

It should have buttons and a trackpad and triggers for 6DoF sets.

For occasional games using 3DoF devices, point and click remotes are sufficient.


Just like in the movies, the audio part has a major role. 

Cheap models of VR headset generally have built-in speakers, while the most expensive models have headphones integrated into the headpiece.

If you want to play online games with friends, it would be a good idea to choose a pair of VR headset for gaming with an integrated microphone.

3. Sony Playstation VR headset for PlayStation 4


Another very important factor that you should consider is the degree of comfort that a pair of VR headset offers.

Even if the level of immersion it offers is the best, you will not enjoy the experience if the piece for your head will seem uncomfortable. 

They should be comfortable enough to be worn for an hour or two without a break.

Weight and size

Since the lenses and the hardware are positioned in front of the user’s eyes, the weight is concentrated here. 

If the weight is not balanced correctly, it will put pressure on the nose and cheeks, which can result in pain and red marks on the face.

So, it is good to choose a pair of VR headset as light as possible. 

If you choose a smartphone model, also calculate the weight of your phone.

The best VR headset for gaming will allow you to adjust the support straps or the grip of the piece so that you can wear the headset relaxed.

Those who wear glasses should also check if there is enough space for them. 

Some manufacturers allow you to buy VR headsets with diopter lenses.


Almost all VR headsets have a special lining to make the set more comfortable. 

It will come in direct contact with the user’s skin and sweat.

Those with sensitive skin should check that the material is safe for the skin. 

It is ideal to be able to remove and clean the lining.

5. Oculus Go, 64GB VR headset

Credit: Oculus Go

Cooling system

There are components inside the headset that can heat up as you process games and the VR experience. 

Users need to make sure that the pair they want has good ventilation and an efficient cooling system.

"VR Sickness"

Some users may experience motion sickness-like sensations when wearing a pair of VR headset

This is the case with devices that have a low refresh rate.

As a result, it is necessary to choose a pair of VR headset with a refresh rate as high as possible. 

A good starting point is a rate of 60 Hz. 

However, most VR headsets have a refresh rate between 90 and 120Hz.


When choosing a pair of headsets to connect to your PC, PlayStation, or phone, you need to check the compatibility of the components.

For those that connect to the desktop, you will need to make sure that your computer meets some basic requirements:

  • GPU (graphics processing unit)
  • CPU (central processing unit)
  • RAM (random access memory)

All these components must be among the better to be able to withstand the necessary resolution so that the experience is as authentic as possible.

If you do not yet have a gaming computer, your investment must be in a model as advanced as possible, to withstand the future requirements of VR headset.

6. Samsung Gear VR R325 Virtual Reality Headset


In this regard, there is no point in telling you that you should not spend money on a no-name model. 

Choose the right model for you from a manufacturer that has a very good reputation. 

This way you will have a guarantee of quality.

Besides, nowadays it is easier to find numerous reviews for most models that interest you. 

Depending on your budget, choose the best model that fits your needs.

The best manufacturers at the moment are Oculus, HTC, Sony, Samsung.


We recommend you to buy the best VR headset for online gaming. 

You will have the opportunity here to study any model in detail, but also to find one that is to your liking.

Prices are often lower than in a physical store, with discounts and special offers being frequent. 

Don’t forget to check the opinion of other users before making the purchase. 

This way you can find out if the device will meet your needs.

You are ready to buy the best VR headset.

the best vr headset for gaming

Image by Eugene Capon from Pixabay 

The best VR headset for gaming: recommendations

Taking into account the above tips, analyzing the opinions of buyers and the existing offer, we still recommend some models of VR headset for gaming that offer an excellent quality/price ratio.

Lenses sharper cutting edge and delivers a brighter, more vivid, and low distortion (effect”screen-door”).

The halo headband is redesigned for more speed and comfort.

The Oculus tracking system transposes your movements into VR, no matter which direction you look, and gives you a tracking experience with room scaling, without using external sensors.

Oculus Touch controllers offer intuitive and realistic accuracy.

Once you put on the VIVE headset, you will feel immersed in a world full of surprises.

Walk and explore a virtual world with amazing graphics that will make you feel both real and unreal at the same time.

The front camera combines real-world elements into a virtual world

HTC VIVE integrates a much more comfortable band around the head.

110-degree wide field of view is used for a captivating image.

It has 32 sensors for tracking 360-degree movement.

From the first moment you start PlayStation VR, the new virtual reality system for PlayStation 4, you will be able to try the games in an unprecedented way.

You will be in the middle of the action, discovering new worlds made in great detail and you will feel at stake.

The helmet has been designed to be as light and comfortable as possible.

It can be used effortlessly, due to its low weight and adjustable bandana.

It has a perfect design, imperceptible weight as if it were not on your head.

Rift is different from anything you’ve experienced so far.

Whether you’re stepping into your favorite game or watching an addictive movie with friends and family, you’ll feel like you’re there.

The high refresh rate and low emission required for display provide incredible visual fidelity for users.

Customizable, comfortable, adaptable, and beautiful, Rift means outstanding technology and design.

Easily enter virtual reality without being attached to a PC or cables. 

Oculus Go is a standalone VR headset.

It is designed with the best lenses so far and adjustable straps.

He has effortless control. 

Whether you’re browsing your favorite shows or a remote area.

Built-in audio: You are surrounded by sound. 

The spatial audio drivers are built right into the headset, providing a dramatic and immersive sound, without the need for bulky or tangled headphones.

Put on Gear VR and move from previous experiences to adventures you’ve only dreamed of.

The new design and Gear VR controller give you a better perspective and the ability to get as far as possible.

It’s easy to get lost in the world of virtual reality because Gear VR is designed to feel easier than it is.

Use the Gear VR controller as a remote control to easily navigate virtual reality or use it as a gamepad to win battles.

Which one is your favorite best VR headset and why?

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