Think You Know How To Choose The Best Joystick For Flight Simulator?

When you decide to buy a joystick for a flight simulator for the first time you will need some information.

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If you do not have enough time to read the guide below, we offer you some information about the most popular current models. 

The first accurate gaming variant is the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro which has 12 programmable buttons.

Also, it has USB connectivity, compatible with PC and MAC, a heavy base, and a convenient socket for stability during the game. 

A second popular version is Thrustmaster T.FLIGHT HOTAS 4

Buying Guide - The best joystick for flight simulator

Maybe a few years ago you had no good reason to buy a joystick.

In recent times, this has changed, as the number of flight simulation games has increased, and fans of these games do not fail to appear. 

Knowing the existence of already beautiful games for fans of the genre, such as Star Citizen or Elite Dangerous, now you have the opportunity to explore the space in the virtual environment intuitively. 

 The best joystick for flight simulator is a type of controller with a lever, which allows you to simulate the flight more easily, giving you better control than the gamepad, the controller classic, or keyboard and mouse. 

Because the market is full of a multitude of so-called “best joysticks for flight simulator” you should keep in mind the following details when you want to buy one. 


A first distinction is made between gaming and industrial models. 

Therefore, it is very important when you choose the option to know what you are doing with that joystick. 

Although these devices are mainly associated with video games, there are also special articles designed for a professional, for scientific purposes. 

Joysticks for games have seen continuous development over time. 

In the past, the first models to appear over 40 years ago were square, small, and simple, without too many buttons or functions.

Today this has changed, with a variety of options that fit certain types of gaming, from FPS (first-person shooter) to RPG games (role-playing games) or car racing. 

They are also helped by the presence of several buttons such as a trigger, a throttle, a button for changing and manipulating the bottom perspective, and the switch for automatic ammunition shooting. 

In this niche, both models are consisting of a single object and options that require the use of both hands. 

The latter are called gamepads and have various shapes, but essentially perform the same functions. 

Models of joysticks for professional use and at the best prices are not so often found on the commercial market, is intended for a small audience. 

In general, they are distinguished by a more durable and robust appearance, which contributes to a longer lifespan. 

They are usually designed for certain functions such as piloting an aircraft or have various uses such as maneuvering a wheelchair or storage equipment. 

the best joystick for flight simulator gaming

Credit: Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Stick

Design of the best joystick for flight simulator

The shape and materials of the joystick are important because you do not want to numb your hand or have cramps due to long game sessions. 

That is why it is recommended to look for comfortable and stable models on the surface on which they are located, which do not slip and which have a good grip. 

Here are also helpful suction cups that are found in most examples of joysticks or the considerable weight of the product, which has the same role. 

For high-performance gaming, the options for right-handers and left-handers are useful, chosen according to everyone’s preferences. 

We recommend that you read the description of the products you buy carefully to make sure you make the right choice. 


When you find a model you like, you need to make sure that it can connect to the device you will be playing on. 

PC models differ slightly because they are recognized by the correct port of connection to the computer. 

Other models are only available for Xbox or PlayStation consoles. 

You also need to consider your smartphone options, as this category of gaming has grown a lot lately.

Read the product description details carefully to make sure that the operating system you are using is compatible with the product. 

Industrial use options will be more difficult to use because they have their installation programs and technical expertise.

How to connect the best joystick for flight simulator?

Most options on the market connect via USB, whether it’s a PC or a console. 

However, some models can be used via Bluetooth, thus giving the user freedom of movement. 

You have to consider which typology is right for you depending on what type of game you prefer. 

For the fastest experiences, the USB connection mode is recommended, which is not based on wireless to work but limits you in terms of cable length. 

Normally, you might see a wireless pc joystick as a better solution because it is portable and you have more freedom of movement. 

But you have to be careful in this case as well because the batteries can be emptied when you need them more.

Additional details

There is currently a multitude of additional options that appeal to the public. 

Among them is force feedback, which transmits the effect of the user’s movements through vibrations that he feels in the lever. 

There is also a multitude of buttons available, each with its role. 

These buttons can be programmed to further customize the game experience. 

It is not for nothing that such technologies are part of the requirements for the best joysticks for gaming.  

In conclusion, we can say that you have enough information to make the best choice. 

That is why the offers of online stores are never lacking and are easily adapted to everyone’s needs.

the best joystick for flight simulator logitech extreme

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Joystick For Flight Simulator

What are the most popular joystick games?

Among the most popular joystick games on PC are Elite Dangerous, X Wing, Star Citizen, EVE Online, Kerbal Space Program, TIE Fighter, and War Thunder, all of which have powerful elements of flight manipulation. 

Games such as Battlefield 1942, Devil May Cry 3, or Elite Dangerous can also be useful for consoles, while titles such as Wing Commander, Battlefield 4, Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening, and Street Fighter are still popular on PlayStation.

Joysticks are still used today for games?

In general, controllers are preferred, licking and joysticks have their audience.

They are used by those who love flight simulators or games in which space-rich SF content abounds.

Which are the most well-known brands that produce joysticks?

Among the most well-known manufacturers of such hobby, objects are Thrustmaster, which sells over 16 different models.

These are for various categories of players, focusing mainly on the control of flight simulators and fights for both consoles and PCs. 

And, of course, Logitech, with the G series for flight control and VR gaming and semi-professional X models. 

Alongside these great manufacturers is Mad Catz, with a futuristic design, special for its gadgets.

Last but not least, another brand is Gladiator, with replica sticks equipped with a varied number of buttons, useful for flight. 

Gamepad or joystick - what to choose depending on what you play?

When you want to make a change in gaming, or you are simply a beginner in this field you have to make an interesting choice between gamepad and joystick. 

What are the differences between the two and in what types of games to choose, however?

The gamepad is that object that you hold with both hands and that is provided with a series of buttons and one or two small joysticks that ensure the movement and actions of the controlled characters or objectives, ensuring a fluid movement. 

It is used especially in the case of games with sports content, such as FIFA, or in racing games, such as Need for Speed, being very useful for names such as Grand Theft Auto, The Last of the US, or Far Cry. 

It can be wireless or connected to the console or PC via a USB cable. 

The joystick is more for those who like games that mimic flight, be they simulators or complex space exploration experiences, for example. 

Can use flight programs or similar games, using the lever, pedals, and additional buttons to control the vehicle or character. 

You can also use an Xbox 360 joystick on your PC, if it is compatible, there are many models for PlayStation as well, so you have a choice. 

Among the most popular options, you can try are Elite Dangerous, Star Citizen, War Thunder, and X-Wing, the most popular titles for fans of this type of control.

In a conclusion, you will choose the best joysticks on the market when you prefer to control the vehicle, aircraft, or character through a vertical stick placed on the table.

the best joystick for flight simulator

PC - Best Joystick For Flight Simulator

This model is among the best-selling of the best joystick for flight simulator, belonging to a reputable manufacturer. 

It can be used both for games and for small flight experiments if the user has such software.

For stability, use a heavy base that prevents the lever from slipping or lifting during play. 

This joystick allows long hours of play without getting tired and connects to the PC using the USB cable. 

This option can connect to computers running Windows and MAC operating systems.

It has 12 buttons that can be programmed, proving useful in simulation or arcade games.

Among other things, it supports the weight of the bust and connects and charges via the USB connector, keeping it stable on the table. 

According to some reviews, it is intended for right-handers, which is why it is uncomfortable for those who prefer to handle the gadget with their left hand. 

Given the characteristics of the product and its affordable price, it is understandable why it is among the top preferences of video game enthusiasts. 

The Thrustmaster brand produces amazing joysticks, being a well-known name in this niche and producing the best joystick for flight simulator.

It is a reliable brand, presenting the HOTAS system (hands-on throttle and stick) consisting of “bat” and a high-level accelerator pedal, designed for professionals in flight simulators. 

It contains 19 action buttons with realistic push pressure and an eight-way switch.

It has 3D magnetic sensors to make it easier to maneuver the vehicle or character in that game. 

It is of high quality, being made of metal, and the handle is detachable so that it can be cleaned properly. 

At the same time, the material ensures the stability of the product, the almost 3 kg being enough to avoid slipping. 

The purchase price is higher, this product is addressed especially to those who spend a lot of time in flight simulators and who want a high-quality product. 

Considering the brand and the options offered, we conclude that it is, rightly, among the top options of aerial simulator players, and not only. 

Thrustmaster HOTAS WARTHOG the best joystick for flight simulator

This branded product, compatible with PlayStation 3 and PC, has only less than 12 buttons that are programmed for the convenience of the player. 

It enjoys a multidirectional observation system (HAT) as well as an integrated throttle, making the handling and use of ship or vehicle skills a simplified process. 

It is the best option for beginners who want a branded product, lacking comfort during longer gaming sessions, because it does not have a separate throttle. 

Combining the features of the product, it turns out that it will be an option accessible to all, presenting the traditional needs of such a device for simulation profile video games.

the best joystick for flight simulator

For beginners, this joystick is extremely affordable, considering the niche market, it is very popular with those who are at the first experience of this kind. 

It is mainly aimed at flight simulation games, is compatible with PC operating systems. 

For a personal and intuitive experience, it has a strong vibrational response, providing the player with 12 buttons that can be programmed on specific software skills. 

Thanks to the eight-axis lever, there will be good visibility in the game, and the throttle progressive helps you get acquainted with the speed in space. 

The ergonomic design has a palm rest, is specially designed for the right hand, so those with a dominant left hand will have to look for another gadget of this kind.

 For suction on the table, there are small suction cups, and the USB interface allows a very good response time, the cable having 2 meters, enough for the comfort of the gamer. 

Speedlink Phantom Hawk the best joystick for flight simulator

PS4 Best Joystick For Flight Simulator

This model is intended for gaming, and with such a PS4 and PC joystick you are ready for any space trip, whether it is an SF adventure or a realistic one. 

It uses the special HEART technology, which has 3D magnetic sensors on the device to enjoy a much higher accuracy than in the case of a classic current system, of lower quality, as reported by the manufacturer. 

To control the other functions of the ship or the character, you have 16 buttons integrated into the braille system, which you can easily find in the dark.

Of these buttons, 12 of them are configured for both the left and right hand, because the joystick is ambidextrous. 

It includes multidirectional HAT on 8 axes and the direction control is done by rotating the handle. 

The ergonomic trigger ensures easy use and maintains comfort, with support wide for the hand, so that pain is not felt during longer sessions. 

the best joystick for flight simulator 2020

PS3 Best Joystick For Flight Simulator

This is an example of an easy-to-use PS3 and PC joystick, especially for successful sessions in your favorite flight simulator. 

It connects directly via the USB interface and does not need installation, being quick to use for any beginner. 

It has internal memory for retaining programmable button configurations even when the device disconnects and attaches to another platform, as stated by the manufacturer. 

For stability it uses a heavier base, enjoying an ergonomic design, which emphasizes the comfort of the player. 

It has 12 programmable buttons and 4 axes that can also be programmed, as well as an integrated throttle that controls the throttle. 

With the presence of the HAT, multi-directional you have at your disposal a fast fire trigger or an air brake for civil flight. 

Xbox One - Best Joystick For Flight Simulator

To enjoy an incredible flying experience, you will find this Xbox One joystick compatible with PCs running on Windows operating systems. 

Given the affordable price for this brand, it will be a suitable choice for beginners who want a quality product, as evidenced by online reviews. 

It connects to the desired interface via USB, being recommended, first of all, for games like Elite Dangerous, fulfilling the role of a complete control system for the flight. 

It does not require installation, being a plug-and-play product (just insert the wire in the correct port and it is recognized by the system), having an ergonomic appearance, equipped with stick and throttle, with handguard and a heavy base for stability. 

Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas One the best joystick for flight simulator

Phone Joystick

 For smartphone gamers, the number of phone joystick offers is smaller, but various options incorporate the control lever, such as this model. 

It has no wires to confuse you, connecting to the screen via Bluetooth, and has telescopic support that can support screens up to 7.7 cm wide, so you can connect to small tablets if desired. 

And, to receive immediate feedback on your actions, the device is provided with a dual vibrational response. 

For comfort, use a durable rubber grip so you don’t numb your hands.

 It has 11 predefined buttons, a directional pad, and two small joysticks for control, offering ample control options, depending on the desired game. 

It is, in essence, a joystick, at a good price, with a battery, capable of autonomy of up to 8 hours of continuous operation until it requires a new recharge, possible with the help of a micro USB cable. 

It is compatible with Android operating systems, PCs, and consoles, except iOS. 

IPega Wolverine Wireless Controller

Android Joystick

Want an Android joystick for Fortnite? 

This economical option can be useful, according to the manufacturer, because it is a universally compatible option with any type of mobile operating system, whether it is a Samsung, Huawei, Apple, or LG product, for example. 

For the convenience of the user, the mounting bracket is adjusted in height so that the phone remains stable and there is no risk of it falling. 

On the surface, the item is made of ABS plastic, durable, and easy to maintain, connecting wirelessly to the desired device. 

It has a range of 10 meters, so you can also use it for games on larger screens, through Miracast. 

It’s a joystick, cheap and good, for those who spend time playing on the phone, according to reviews, with a simple constitution. 

It includes a detachable adapter, as well as a hold and touch or AIM system, which helps with accurate viewing. 

Also includes an AIM backup button. 

It is compatible with games such as Fortnite, PUBG, FIFA, or GTA, according to the distributor being accessible to Windows operating systems. 

delam mobile controller

With this targeting system, you will not let your enemies live in survival games, given that it is compatible with both Android and Windows operating systems. 

Besides, the phone or tablet can be attached directly above the gun, or on it, it is, in fact, a weapon simulator for shooters, where you can even “load” the weapon during the game.

For real-time feedback it uses a vibration motor, connecting to the desired platform via Bluetooth.

It has a range of up to 8 meters and a range of up to 12 hours with vibrations on, and up to 25 hours without them, in the classic mode.

 Works only on gun and shooting games. 

It is portable and not inconvenient to use. 

If you’re wondering what joystick games like this to try, here are a few, from PUBG, Fortnite to GTA or Battlefield. 

It has an ergonomic and comfortable design, is made of ABS and silicone. 


Which one is your favorite best joystick for flight simulator and why?

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