TOP 10 Best Chainsaws Under 200 Dollars

Why should you invest in the best chainsaw under 200 dollars?

Because many of us have tasks around the house that would be facilitated by the use of a chainsaw, but many believe these instruments to be too costly to purchase. However, contemporary technology has caused the price of chainsaws to decrease, and there are now affordable ones that can be plugged into an outlet or run on batteries.

Chainsaws play a significant role in the landscaping of your home. A chainsaw is an appropriate piece of equipment to use if you need to keep the area clear of big trees and dense plants to maintain order.

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best chainsaw under 200 dollars at a glance

1.Poulan Pro PR4218 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw


3.CRAFTSMAN 41AY4216791 Chainsaw

4.HUYOSEN Gas Chainsaw

5.Greenworks 12-Inch 40V

6.WEMARS Gas Chainsaw

7.Ryobi P546 Cordless Chainsaw

8.WORX WG3041 18″ Budget Chainsaw

9.Oregon CS1500 Self-Sharpening Chainsaw

10.BLACK+DECKER CS1518 Electric Chainsaw

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1.Poulan Pro PR4218 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw

Best chainsaw under 200 dollars for storm cleanup, tree cutting, and cutting firewood. Poulan Pro is designed for professional outdoor use and comes with accessories.

This cheap chainsaw is a surprise. It’s pricier than its competitors, but it’s ideal for all chores. All-in-one chainsaws describe it.

Poulan Pro invented OxyPower. This technique improves chainsaw performance and fuel efficiency. So, the chainsaw uses less gasoline and emits fewer fumes.

Gas chainsaws are easy to start. Effortless Pull Starting technology starts the chainsaw faster. In the tests, the chainsaw started after three pulls.

Superior air filtration prevents dust and debris from entering the chainsaw air filter. Air filter efficiency rises with age. Air filters aren’t often cleaned or replaced.

The professional chainsaw has a broad bar and weighs more than its competitors. This isn’t a cheap chainsaw for backyard chores.

2.DEWALT 20V MAX XR - the second choice for the best chainsaw under 200 dollars

The DEWALT Max XR chainsaw is designed for home use and DIY, and is one of the best selling chainsaws of 2022.

The 12-inch chainsaw bar can chop firewood, branches, limbs, and smaller logs. The cordless tool is wonderful. No more chainsaw smells or noise.

Homeowners want the best chainsaw under 200 dollars to be compact and lightweight. A household chainsaw must be compact and easy to wield.

Professionals recommend the DEWALT XR Chainsaw for home use because it has the power of a gasoline chainsaw without the fumes or vibrations. Low kickback technology eliminates kickback for simple operation.

The brushless motor gives twice the torque of other battery-powered chainsaws. This chainsaw’s power matches gas models.

The tool-less chain tensioning method eliminates the need to carry tools. Open the knob and tighten the chain.

Small bar sizes preclude skilled tree cutting. The chainsaw is home-only. You must buy the battery and charger separately.

3.CRAFTSMAN 41AY4216791 Chainsaw - third choice for the best chainsaw under 200 dollars

Less vibration, more power. Craftsman is a gas-powered professional chainsaw.

This chainsaw’s powerful engine delivers great performance. The double-cycle engine cuts through difficult woods easily. The reduced vibrations improve control.

This chainsaw’s lightweight construction prevents fatigue and discomfort. The solid plastic chassis is lightweight and easy to handle.

The Craftsman S165’s automatic chain oiler is adjustable. Changing the amount of lube used will keep the bar and chain lubricated. The clear side shows oil levels.

Chainsaws often have trouble starting. Chainsaws make pulling rope easier. The chainsaw’s easy-start mechanism requires fewer pulls, making it one of the best chainsaw under 200 dollars.

Ergonomic chainsaw handles keep you comfortable. The chainsaw’s three-point anti-vibration mechanism decreases user fatigue.

The constructed chainsaw lacks attachments. The carrying case and extra chain must be purchased separately.


4.HUYOSEN Gas Chainsaw

Say you need to remove some large trees on a budget with the best chainsaw under 200 dollars. HUYOSEN is a great gasoline chainsaw.

The chainsaw is affordable. This machine combines huge power, a large bar, and the latest innovations. The chainsaw is lightweight and well-designed.

The monster 62cc two-stroke engine brings down even the largest trees easily. The lack of kickback allows for complete chainsaw control.

Tired of the rope-pulling start mechanism? No. This gasoline chainsaw’s electrical ignition makes it easier to start. You can easily access the chainsaw’s power.

This chainsaw is dangerous. Advanced chain brake technology prevents this. A safety switch avoids inadvertent startup.

The handle is designed for comfort, being a brilliant option for the best chainsaw under 200 dollars. Anti-skid grip and shock absorption technologies allow you to work without weariness.

There is no space onboard for chain-tensioning gear. You’ll need a different bag to carry these tools, as you may require one at any time.

5.Greenworks 12-Inch 40V - a cheap version for the best chainsaw under 200 dollars

It’s not the best chainsaw ever, but it works well enough for minor to moderate tasks.

The chainsaw’s steel bar and chain are 12 inches in length and can be adjusted without any additional tools. Also, it is powered by a high-capacity G-MAX 40V Li-Ion battery, which provides constant, fade-free output between charges.

As long as you keep the chainsaw sharpened and the battery charged, you should have enough power for your work.

You can trim the limbs and branches with minimal pushback because of the 3/8-inch chain pitch. A wraparound handle allows for a variety of comfortable cutting positions with the chainsaw. You can easily prune those limbs and branches at a variety of angles.

On-board battery life indicators let you know if and when power is running low. In addition, it alerts you when the chainsaw’s battery is low, so you can recharge it.

6.WEMARS Gas Chainsaw

This is one of the most powerful gas chainsaws for the money, making it an excellent choice for the best chainsaw under 200 dollars.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly chainsaw that can help you clean up after a medium-to-large storm and manage a large property, choose Wemars.

Wemars’ 52-cc gas chainsaw has a 2-stroke engine, chain brake, excellent ignition, and low kickback.

Even while chopping large, heavy trees, you have ultimate power in your hands, with this amazing best chainsaw under 200 dollars.

The incorporated chain brake reduces chainsaw accidents. Low-kickback is safer and more comfortable.

With a good electrical ignition system, the engine starts with a few pulls.

A quick and easy chain adjustment mechanism and an automatic chain oiler make maintenance easier. Auto-tightening makes the knob-type side adjustment easy to use.

No chainsaw has better ergonomic handles. Front and back anti-vibration handles and a padded wrap-around handle ensure comfort.

Advanced air filtration technology extends filter life. This would entail fewer air filter changes. Quick release makes filter removal and cleaning easier.

Air infusion carburetor minimizes pollution and boosts fuel economy, maximizing chainsaw runtime.

7.Ryobi P546 Cordless Chainsaw - best chainsaw under 200 dollars for portability

The Ryobi P54610 10-Inch Cordless Chainsaw is a lightweight and powerful chainsaw that is ideal for light housework.

It utilizes the same lithium-ion battery with 18 volts that powers several of Ryobi’s popular handheld power tools. It has a side-action chain tensioning mechanism that expedites chain replacement.

It is lightweight, and a battery charge lasts for a considerable amount of time, making it a good choice for the best chainsaw under 200 dollars. 

Ryobi is known for producing high-quality tools, yet the Ryobi P546 has certain issues. If the automated chain oiler is not drained after use, it will pour oil everywhere.

The 10-inch bar has a limited reach, and the battery and power charger must be purchased separately.

The battery and charger can be pretty pricey, especially if you want to buy more than one.

If you already have other instruments that utilize this system, it may be more cost-effective to purchase this one.

8.WORX WG3041 18″ Budget Chainsaw for the best chainsaw under 200 dollars

The WORX WG3041 18-Inch Chainsaw is the top selection for the most affordable chainsaw under $200.

This unit’s 15-amp motor is more than adequate for most small tasks around the house.

The auto-tension chain technology keeps the chain tight and stops the chain from tightening by accident, which could damage both the chain and the bar.

Its self-lubricating system helps the chain last longer and requires less maintenance, and its low kickback bar keeps it from getting stuck, being a great option for the best chainsaw under 200 dollars.

A chain brake further decreases the likelihood of an accident, and the chainsaw is pre-assembled so you may begin cutting small trees within minutes of getting it.

While using the WORX WG3041, you have to keep the blade sharp; therefore, you will likely need a blade sharpener in addition to this saw.

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9.Oregon CS1500 Self-Sharpening Chainsaw

The Oregon 570995 CS1500 Self-Sharpening Chainsaw is our budget-friendly best chainsaw under 200 dollars runner-up chainsaw, and it has many features that make it nearly as wonderful as our top pick.

This brand’s 18-inch bar has a lengthy reach that allows you to reach high branches and dense plants. A built-in sharpener allows you to keep the chain sharp without having to purchase a separate sharpener or remove the chain, saving you time.

When a button is pressed, the electric motor starts quickly, eliminating the need for repeated string pulling. No choke adjustment or gasoline mixtures are required, and it is significantly quieter than a conventional chainsaw.

It also incorporates a chain brake and chain tensioning without tools for maximum safety, making it a good choice for the best chainsaw under 200 dollars.

The Oregon CS1500 has only one disadvantage: the more you cut, the more frequently the chain falls off. It simply takes a minute to repair, yet it’s so irritating that we can’t rank it first.

10.BLACK+DECKER CS1518 Electric Chainsaw - the last choice for the best chainsaw under 200 dollars

As the list’s final entry, the BLACK+DECKER CS1518 is the cheapest chainsaw on the market, yet it still boasts a number of useful features. The electric chainsaw has a 15-amp motor, making it suitable for cutting down small to medium-sized trees and shrubs.

The 18-inch handlebar provides ample reach, and the chain is protected by an automated oiling system.

The CS1518’s high oil consumption is a major drawback. The oil reservoir of this chainsaw will leak if you store it with any oil in it, and it is not unusual to use up the full reservoir on a single task.

The chain kept coming loose as we worked, and we found it difficult to tighten and alter compared to other brands on this list. The assembly was difficult because of the unclear instructions.

Thank you for reading our blog post about the best chainsaw under 200 dollars. We hope you find the best product for your needs.

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