How To Choose The Best Drone

How to choose the best drone? What features and functions should the drone have?

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This guide gives you all the information you need to make the best choice. 

Is a drone a tool that helps you do your job better or a toy? 

Whatever the reason you want to buy a drone, you must know that these devices are in continuous development, being used in vast fields.

By this fact, we realize that this invention was not just a passing trend and that certain trades of the future will be based on the use of a drone. 

Because they can travel by air and are very easy to control, they can be used for many previously inaccessible operations. 

If you want the best drone, in this article you will find all the details you need for the best choice. 

Why choose the best drone?

Today, drones are not just toys.

Of course, you can buy a drone to give as a gift to your child for entertainment. 

It is also very good to know that a drone used by children when they are young develops their handling skills.

This can help them in the future when it comes time to choose a well-paid job. 

If you are a cameraman, a photographer, or a vlogger, with the help of a drone you will be able to film incredible images. 

The images are so amazing that a few years ago you would have needed a plane to achieve such quality. 

With the help of a drone, the videos and images from the trip will be the best. 

How to choose the best drone

Of course, to enjoy quality images, fine drone control, and durability, you need to know how to choose the best drone. 

In this way, our advice is to be very well informed. 

Because there are many variants of drones, it is very easy to choose one that is not useful for you or that is not good enough for your expectations. 

Among the most important aspects to be checked is the ease of assembly and use, battery life, flight speed, and special functions. 

Read this article below to know the importance of each criterion in choosing a drone. 

At the end of this guide, you will know how to better choose the products to buy exactly the drone you need for work or entertainment. 

We recommend you to see the products we have chosen especially for you, according to the quality/price ratio criterion. 

These are the most important things to look out for. 

Drone DJI Mavic 2 Pro

Choosing the drone according to the level of experience

There are several models of drones that cater to different categories of users. 

Those could choose the best drone based on the experience you had in the past with this type of gadget. 

On the market, we find variants for beginners, advanced, and professionals. 

The best drone for professionals

These models are used by experienced professionals, even if current drone technologies make piloting very easy to achieve. 

These variants are specially created for cameramen, photographers, or field evaluators. 

With the help of these advanced drones, you will be able to make images and videos from hard to reach places. 

With the help of special functions that include controllers and GPS, fine movements and adjustments can be made for the best results. 

It is also possible to change the camcorder as well as the camera lenses to get the images you need. 

The battery life is longer and is generally accompanied by a battery so that it can be used for a longer period. 

These professional drones can capture 4K images or even better quality.

The best drone for advanced users

This option is somewhere in between the expert and beginner options. 

Advanced drone variants with technologies similar to professional ones, such as the return home function, but also the ability to avoid obstacles. 

They have very good performance and are recommended for photography enthusiasts. 

Also, their price is affordable which means that you will not be left with the budget affected too badly. 

Due to the more durable and larger design, they can withstand even the bad weather, managing to capture incredible images. 

A wide range of drones is equipped with a camcorder with an image capture capability in Full HD 1080p quality. 

Some drones offer a 2.7K resolution, and more expensive models can even offer Ultra Full HD quality. 

Drones without their camera have a special system to attach action cameras such as GoPro which will guarantee greater control over image quality. 

The best drone for amateurs

This category includes toy drones. 

They are cheap, simple, and easy to use. 

It is the best option in terms of budget and if you prefer to learn to fly on a variant that does not cost much. 

The choice of the drone depending on its type.

In the commercial offer, you will find drones with camera/video, speed drones, and toy drones. 

Toy or beginner drones.

This model is the cheapest, normally having a smaller size. 

Their design is simple and is created for entertainment, not speed. 

They can be easily controlled from intuitive panels with simple commands, available on an application on the phone or an included remote control. 

The piloting time is short, this being between 5 and 10 minutes. 

An advantage of these drones is that they can be used for aerial tricks such as tumbles. 

Another benefit of this drone variant is that after accidents you will find spare parts at the best prices. 

Some drone models include a camcorder, but the image quality is not great. 

In conclusion, a cheap drone is the best way to learn to fly before choosing a more expensive and faster option. 

DJI Mavic AIR Onyx Black

Photo/video drones

The purpose of these drones is to take high-quality images, being less used for aerial tricks. 

These are more expensive and sophisticated flight gadgets that provide a stable platform for the camera. 

An important feature is that their size is larger and heavier, which gives them a longer life. 

Along with this advantage comes the obligation to register them legally to be piloted. 

They are equipped with a system of rotation and tilt of the room, to keep the room stable. 

This absorbs the trembling of the moving drone. 

It can be an electronic system integrated into the chamber or a mechanical system consisting of an engine. 

With the help of both systems, you can point the camera in directions that are not straight forward. 

So, you can get amazing images, like the ones you see in professional documentaries about nature. 

This type of drone has a larger battery, which means a longer flight time of about 20 minutes. 

Because the batteries can be replaced, you are allowed to extend the flight time of your device. 

In case of accidents, spare parts are quite cheap and easy to find. 

For very good quality images, we recommend choosing a drone model that can film 4K, such as DJI drone models. 

Even if you are not a professional photographer, but still want images for your use or online, a cheaper drone model will help you get images to be happy with. 

Some models have GPS and autonomous flight functions.

With the help of these functions, you can set a route for the drone and you can program it to fly without you intervening. 

Drone DJI Ryze Tello EDU

Speed drones

With the advent of drones, it was expected that there would be sports in which they could be used. 

Small drones are used for competitions, they are built to be very fast and easy to handle. 

They are equipped with FPV (First Person View) glasses that allow the person who controls it to see exactly what the drone sees so that it can guide it throughout the race. 

The controller and the glasses allow you to record the race, to later enjoy your victory and analyze your strategy. 

Easy to use

Some drone models are easier to prepare for flight and use than others. 

We can recognize them by following the following abbreviations.

  • RTF Drone: Ready-to-fly

This is a model that is ready to fly as soon as it is taken out of the box and does not need assembly.

  • ARTF Drone: Almost-ready-to-fly

This type of drone may need additional equipment such as a radio controller or minor assemblies before it can be released into the air. 

  • BNF drones: Bind-n-fly

These models are RTF drones with a receiver, but without a radio controller, which means that it is purchased separately. 

Yuneec Mantis Q drone

Autonomy and battery

The biggest disadvantage of all drones is the short battery life. 

The larger the battery, the higher the weight of the drone which results in higher power consumption to fly at high speeds. 

Toy drones have batteries that allow a flight time of between 5 and 10 minutes or even less. 

Larger versions can fly for 20 or 25 minutes with a fully charged battery. 

To extend the flight session it is necessary to bring the drone to the ground and replace the battery with a full reserve. 

Most toy drones have an integrated battery which means they cannot be replaced with a charged one.

Stand-alone or video drones have a feature that tells the drone to land when the battery level is very low, especially to avoid malfunctions. 

Speed and range

Today’s drones can reach very high speeds, some even 50-60 km / h. 

Learning to fly a drone requires skill and exercise. 

And drones have certain auxiliary functions that will make piloting easier because you will have more reaction time. 

WiFi drones can be controlled within a radius of 30 meters, while the controller’s antenna can have a much wider range. 

When the drone goes out of range, some models will fly on the spot and others will try to return to the user. 

What functions and accessories does the best drone have?

  • GPS 
  • Tracking mode through which the drone is programmed to track the user. Through this function, the user can sit in the car, in a boat, or even on a bicycle, and the drone will follow him, without the need to be controlled from the remote control. 
  • With the obstacle sensor, the drone will automatically detect objects that are a potential hazard and automatically avoid them.
  • Extra batteries for longer life. 
  • Spare parts such as propellers break down most often. 
  • Carrying and storage box or backpack. 
  • Phone support on the remote control or controller. 


The best advice is to buy drones from famous brands in the field. 

Although the prices of these drones are higher, the quality is superior to other models on the market. 

Among the most appreciated brands are DJI, Parrot, Autel Robotics, Yuneec. 

Hubsan x4 H501S Quad-Copter FPV drone


It is possible to find the best drone online, so we recommend this environment for purchasing the desired product. 

In addition to a very diverse offer on the market, you have great chances to find the desired model at a much better price than in a physical store.

Now that you’ve read all this information, you’re ready to buy the best drone.

The best drone: recommendations

Taking into account the above tips, analyzing the opinions of buyers and the existing offer, we still recommend some models of drones that offer an excellent quality/price ratio.

The drone Mavic 2 Pro is equipped with the new Hasselblad L1D-20c camera, which guarantees you to capture aerial frames in impressive colors, at a resolution of 20 megapixels.

With the Hyperlapse function, Mavic 2 Pro captures aerial images and processes them automatically.

With enhanced HDR technology, the Mavic 2 Pro combines a sequence of images for HDR images without a ghosting effect.

The quality of the flight is improved, it is faster, longer, quieter.

You can manipulate Mavic with the help of the SmartCapture function.

It has a long battery life and low weight. 

Image stabilization is done with three axes, has GPS function and application control. 

It is very stable in the air even in conditions of sale. 

The flight distance is up to 10 km, reaching speeds of up to 68 km / h.

The transmitter travels a distance of up to 2 km. 

The internal memory of this drone is 8GB.

It is a pocket drone with minimalist dimensions.

It benefits from the function of electronic image stabilization and application control. 

The drone is capable of flying in swarms. 

The quality of photos and videos is very good with the help of EZ Shots. 

Shoot videos in 720p HD quality. 

It reaches speeds of up to 28.8 km / h.

The flight time is up to 13 minutes, and the signal transmission distance is 100m.

Small but powerful, the Mantis Q has state-of-the-art technology, advanced features such as voice control and facial recognition.

Using an integrated camera, Mantis Q records high-resolution photos and videos.

Mantis Q comes with automatic flight modes such as Journey, Point of Interest, and Orbit Me.

The drone has a stabilization and location system inside the home based on sonar and infrared.

Hubsan H501S is a drone made of durable materials, of the highest quality, which has a 4.3 ″ screen built into the remote control.

The GPS built into this drone helps it to enter self-protection mode when the connection with the remote control is lost.

The “Follow me” function – the drone will follow the only remote control with the help of the built-in GPS.

Equipped with a high-performance video camera that can capture movies at a very high resolution, 1080P.

SJRC drone S30W has a GPS module so you risk not losing, it is much easier to fly with it.

The camcorder has a 1080P resolution with a 120-degree wide-angle.

The position of the camera can be changed from radio control during the flight to record the desired objectives.

With the Go Home function, automatic return, the drone returns to the starting point and lands alone.

The flight distance is up to 400 m and the flight time is around 8 minutes.

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