Top 12 Best Gaming Mouse

When you want to become a true gamer or you consider yourself one, you must invest in the best gaming mouse 2021.

Along with a suitable system, you also need peripherals specific to the gaming activity, such as a mouse, keyboard, or joystick. 

In this article, we will discuss the best gaming mouse, which will help you order much faster and have access to all kinds of functions, with great ease. 

Before seeing the list of the best products we propose, we must first see what details a mouse has and how we can use them to our advantage. 

Best Gaming Mouse 2021 at a glance

Testing the best gaming mouse 2021

Here are some basic definitions that will help you understand why each of these features is important when buying the best gaming mouse. 

The grip is related to how you hold the mouse. 

The most common grips are the palm, the bridge of the palm, and the tips of the fingers.

DPI / CPI represents numbers per inch or how many times the mouse sensor will read its tracking surface, on your mousepad, for every centimeter it moves. 

This is commonly referred to as IPR, but CPI is a more precise term. 

The lower the DPI, the more you have to move the mouse to move the cursor on the screen.

Jitter refers to an inaccuracy in a mouse sensor reading the surface it is tracking. 

Jaundice often occurs at higher speeds of mouse movement or higher CPI. 

Jitter can cause your cursor to drop critically and even a slight error could destroy a hit in an FPS.

The clamping angle takes data from a mouse sensor and changes the output to create smoother movements. 

For example, if you try to draw a horizontal line with the mouse, it will not be perfect but you will make some subtle curves in the line, especially at higher sensitivities. 

The locking angle smooths those curves and gives you a straight line instead. 

This is generally bad because it means that the cursor movements will not match the hand movements, and catching the angle will not be useful in most games. 

Fortunately, almost all gaming mice have the angle lock disabled by default.

Acceleration is probably the worst problem with gaming mouse sensors. 

When a mouse sensor has an acceleration, it means that your cursor will move faster the faster you move the mouse.

Lifting distance is still a popular measure in circles of mouse enthusiasts, although it does not affect most players. 

LOD refers to the height of a mouse to be lifted before the sensor stops tracking the surface.

What is the best gaming mouse 2021?

The answer to the question always depends on the type of games you play and the budget you have when purchasing the best gaming mouse.

There are also good mice at all but they do not excel at all types of games.

In the following, we will talk about the best gaming mouse 2021

It scores in every chapter and we think it’s the best-wired mouse right now. 

We can only talk superlatively about him and put him in our top first. 

The value for money is more than decent. 

The more we go up in the budget towards more expensive models, the more small the differences between them are, even negligible.

It has a very attractive, ergonomic design, with the space between the buttons very well spaced.

It also has software that ensures a good configuration of the buttons. 

Even the button light can be configured very easily by choosing a color from the RGB range. 

An excellent accurate sensor with a great resolution of 12,000 DPI.

It is made of high-quality material and components, has good accuracy, with increased reliability being good for any type of hands. 

All of this makes from Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum the best gaming mouse 2021.

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SteelSeries is a manufacturer known for making some of the best gaming mice. 

Because it has only five buttons and a scroll wheel, it is intended for simple games that do not require many buttons. 

It offers a very good resolution, up to 7,200 dpi, which is enough for gaming.

This mouse is black, has RGB LED lighting on the scroll wheel and logo.

It is made of plastic, is light and durable. 

Some buyers have noticed that the sides do not have rubber inserts, which can be pleasant for long-term use when the fingers sweat.

The connection with the desired device is made with the help of a USB wire, very flexible, which has a length of 2 meters. 

This way, you will not have problems with signal loss. 

This mouse is an optical model, providing accuracy in movement. 

Razer Deathadder has a very good shape for all types of hands, it is used in different types of games.

It uses a 16,000 DPI optical sensor, but these large numbers don’t mean quality. 

An advantage for the Elite Razer is that a PMW-3389-based sensor developed by Pixart sensor company in collaboration with Logitech was chosen.

This is one of the best mouse sensors available on the market with an IPS rating of 450 and a resolution accuracy of 99.4%

Using Razer should provide impeccable tracking, even if you move the mouse as fast as possible. you can.

Let’s see the next mouse in our top about best gaming mouse 2021.

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This gaming mouse is especially famous because it has very good value for money. 

Many buyers are happy with it and consider it to be the best device of its kind.

It is an optical model, which comes with a resolution of up to 6,000 dpi, which through the update can even reach 8,000 dpi.

This mouse allows you to use some five buttons, but also a fast scroll wheel. 

The clicks are quite noisy, according to the opinions left by the buyers on the purchase sites. 

It is a wired model, which has a USB interface, which is important for gamers.

Due to this, there are no problems with signal loss and delays when orders are given. 

The cable is 2 meters long, enough for any PC.

This model also has RGB LED lighting, on the logo and sidebars. 

The shade can be changed to your liking. 

It’s a big enough product for those with a slightly more generous palm.

Ironclaw is the best mouse I’ve tested for players with bigger hands being a great choice for the best gaming mouse 2021. 

While its design encompasses a strange mix of materials, from the smooth plastic on the buttons to the diamond print, the rubber sides, to the unique, corrugated rubber on the scroll wheel, each conforms well to its mouse function. 

Instead of a single cohesive material, Corsair has designed one that fits each panel individually, which adds to the excellent overall fit of the mouse to make it feel comfortable by sliding over your mousepad.

It feels a bit cumbersome, especially for a wireless mouse that doesn’t require a discreet battery and unfortunately doesn’t offer customizable weights.

Don’t have a big budget and want to buy a cheap and good gaming mouse? 

It is a product that works with an optical sensor, for the best accuracy, and works at a resolution that can be between 800 and 7,200 dpi, to provide the best accuracy.

This gaming mouse, Redragon has five programmable buttons (left, right, back, forward, and dpi) and a scroll wheel. 

It has LED lighting in six colors, on the sides, front, and logo, which will improve the overall appearance. 

The interface is a USB one, the connection being made through a cable that has a length of about 1.8 meters, made of rubber material, to be as strong as possible.

This mouse is comfortable for those with a bigger palm. 

It is black with red details and is made of matte and glossy plastic, to be as comfortable as possible. 

Given the shape and positioning of the side buttons, it is an article intended exclusively for right-handers.

The shape and function of the Razer Naga mouse have been around over the years. 

Naga Trinity is the latest version and is a very good mouse, being one of the best gaming mouse 2021.

It is small, comfortable, and with a high-quality sensor and three changing modes of the thumb, ideal for MMOs, MOBA, or general use. 

The MOBA variant is the best, offering seven buttons in a circle around the thumb.

The best gaming mouse for ambidextrous

The updated version of this Steelseries principle, Sensei 310, has subtly reinvented a classic mouse. 

Almost everything is new except Sense’s ambidextrous form and that’s exactly how it should be. 

And Steelseries uses its custom version of one of the best sensors for a gaming mouse.

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The best gaming mouse with the highest DPI The

Razer Viper Ultimate Wireless uses the new Razer Focus + optical sensor that connects DPI up to 20,000, which is higher than any other mouse on this list.

Viper is an incredibly accurate mouse with an IPS 650. 

The battery runs for about 70 hours which makes it perfect for long gaming sessions.

The best gaming mouse for wrists in our top for best gaming mouse 2021.

Comfort is one of the most important factors in choosing a mouse, and the Logitech MX Vertical is the best in the class. 

The ergonomic design allows you to comfortably rest your hand in a neutral position, which means that you will not experience virtually any tension, even during marathon sessions. 

The top DPI setting (4,000) does not compete with some of the other gaming mice on this list, but it is still extremely accurate, with an excellent laser sensor that provides all the accuracy you need.

The best wireless gaming mouse

G Pro Wireless second to none when it comes to wireless mice, thanks to Logitech’s excellent 16,000 DPI HERO sensor. 

It also has a battery life of 40 hours and is very good for gaming sessions. 

It has a customizable design, with buttons on the side panels that can be removed and traded for smooth inserts, depending on your preferences. 

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The best wireless mouse with the longest battery life

Being the last on our list, this mouse is not a wrong choice, but in a world with a lot of mice is the best then when it comes to battery life. 

The battery lasts 240 hours and moves extremely fast.

We hope that you get all the information you need for making the best choice in choosing the best gaming mouse 2021.

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